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Online Reputation Management Services

When people look up your company on a search engine like Google, what is it that they see? Do they come across a tidal wave of irrelevant content or poor reviews or maybe they find a 404 error? All these things are dangerous and essentially the death of a brand in the online space. That is where online reputation management services come into play. Online reputation management services refers to the process of professionally building up your brand in the online space so that people see it in a good light.


How Does ORM Work?

First things first – if you want ORM done right, you need to enlist the aid of a reputation management company or an ORM consultant. They will help you craft the perfect reputation management strategy that should be tailored to the specific needs of the client, which is what we do here at Bumsa.

Just to give you an idea, a comprehensive strategy by Bumsa could include things like:

  • The creation of new websites and pages that highlight positive aspects of your business and brand identity.
  • Highly targeted SEO services to improve the ranking of these websites.
  • The creation of brand-specific content for your website, social media, press releases and the like to get the word out more effectively.
  • A more effective branding strategy for your social media platforms so that you strengthen your relationship with your target audience.

How Bumsa’s ORM Services Help You?

When you choose Bumsa to be your reputation management company you get a better level of access to the market and a higher quality of public perception. Our strategy can help you:

Build Credibility with Customers

A good ORM consultant will help craft a brand-specific strategy that engages and relates to customers. This means helping you build up those positive reviews and feedback across social media in a sort of digital word-of-mouth approach.

Remove Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are some of the fastest ways that business crashes. We help negate that by finding out the reason for poor reviews and identifying how to build positive perceptions.


Increase Online Visibility

With quality ORM services, the visibility of your website increases on search engines, thanks to our multi-faceted approach. Higher visibility and positive outlooks mean more customers.


ORM Services we offer

ORM isn’t just a single campaign or initiative. It is a multi-faceted approach that is made up of different services. These services come together to offer you a comprehensive package deal. Here are some of the aforementioned services that we here at Bumsa offer.

Reputation Analysis

Before we can help you craft a strategy, we first need to understand your image. We analyze the company website, socials, blogs, as well as online reviews (good and bad). This gives us an idea of what we have to work with.



Content Creation

Strategy is one thing, but the content is the bread and butter of positive representation in the online space. This means we create blogs, social posts, articles, press releases and landing pages to name a few. These represent your business in a more positive light and drive traffic.


Content is great, but without proper SEO work, it won’t have the same reach or impact. Our in-house SEO experts will take your brand to where it needs to be and get the traffic you want with whitehat SEO best practices.

Online Review Management

As an ORM service provider, we can help you both acquire and manage your online reviews. We help you craft an ideal strategy that will encourage more of your target audience to leave positive feedback.

Social Media Management

As we mentioned before, SMM or social media management goes hand-in-hand with all this ORM. We ensure that your presence and message are consistent across the different platforms that you want to target. Keeping your profiles up to date and filled with engaging content is the key to winning over potential customers.

Remove Negative Reviews

Lastly, at the end of all the other procedures and services, we help you analyze the progress made, areas that are lacking and adjustments that need to be made. We will then create detailed reports for you that can help figure out what the next steps might be.


We offer a wide range of Digital Marketing & Web Development Services. Our services include web design, web development, social media marketing, SEO, SMO & more.


What are the main challenges of digital marketing in 2022?

There are quite a few challenges that business face with regards to digital marketing in 2022; here are a few main ones:

  • Adopting a customer-centric approach
  • Creating engaging content
  • Complying with privacy and data-sharing regulations
  • Maintaining a mobile-friendly approach
  • Having an omni-channel marketing strategy
Will digital marketing help my business?

The short answer – yes. We live in an ever-growing digital landscape. If a business wants to grow in this day and age, they need to have a solid digital marketing strategy to act as a catalyst.

What is the fastest growing form of digital marketing?

Video seems to be a popular form of media when it comes to digital marketing. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the advertising landscape.

What are the trends in digital marketing for 2022?

Here are just some of the major trends that we can expect to see in the world of digital marketing in 2022 and maybe even beyond.

  • Social commerce will take on a more seamless and prominent role
  • YouTube advertising will skyrocket
  • The digital gig economy is on the rise
  • Higher levels of competition for digital marketing talent
  • There will be a rising prominence for Metaverse technology
  • Brands will turn towards NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • The market will become more and more customer-centric
What digital marketing strategies will be the most effective in 2022?

Here are a few strategies, or rather, digital marketing trends that you can capitalize on to make the most of your efforts:

  • Treat your first-party data like gold
  • Use machine learning for paid media
  • Focus on personalization
  • Prioritize customer privacy
  • Command attention with TikTok and Reels
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