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We offer a wide range of Digital Marketing & Web Development Services.

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Prosper Menopause Clinic

Evidence-Based Holistic Perimenopause and Menopause Care.
Book an appointment with one of our nurse menopause educators to explore whether hormone replacement therapy is right for you. Where appropriate, our menopause specialist can prescribe hormone replacement that will be individualized just for you.


Resource Optimization Network

We are a network of physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, health economists, and researchers dedicated to optimizing the use of healthcare resources while improving the quality of care provided to patients. If your organization needs guidance on reducing spending, research & quality initiatives, knowledge translation, or cost analysis, we are the network for you.

solving healthcare

Solving Healthcare is a podcast series launched in September 2019 by the Resource Optimization Network. Led by Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, a palliative care & intensive care doctor based in Ottawa, these podcasts will feature interviews and discussions on the topic of improving healthcare delivery in Canada.

La Briochine

At La Briochine we believe in the importance of simplicity in our food. That’s why our cakes only contain natural, safe, simple, quality ingredients you can actually pronounce (and likely have in your own kitchen) that are safe for those with all nut and peanut allergies.


We’re CRAZY About The Natural World & work only with those factories that have sound environmental policies.




steal from the best

Steal From the Best is a podcast to help listeners succeed in both business and life by stealing invaluable ideas and experiences from the best in class.



bridges over barriers

Bridges Over Barriers recognizes that schools are a hub for young people’s well-being, and that school social workers are in a unique position in their direct work with many of the most vulnerable children and families in our community.


sugar estate media

Our executive team brings 45 years of experience providing full service capabilities to help marketers and agencies benefit from the power of strategic marketing and communications.



the fun master

We take care of it all! Our unique solutions are the perfect entertainment for birthdays, picnics, family reunions, Christmas parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and more.




Pure Staffing Solutions Inc. represents the full spectrum of staffing services for qualified personnel to meet the evolving needs of companies – from small, emerging growth companies to Fortune 500 clients; no challenge is too big or too small.


music tourism

We specialize in music tourism consultancy, working to enhance the strategic business development potential and maximizing the economic growth of industry stakeholders.



boom pickles

Made in small batches by hand, picked and packed as soon as humanly possible. Never cutting costs always putting the perfect pickle requirements first!




Credibled was founded by highly-experienced recruiting-industry leaders to provide cost-effective, automated reference checking solutions.



web/Product development