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8 Recruitment Podcasts You Need to Start Listening to Today!

Recruitment Podcasts

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.” – Frank Herbert, American Author

When we think about effortless media intake, one of the biggest ones is podcasts. Think about the sheer versatility that it presents. You could be on your morning commute to work or working out at the gym and still be listening to a podcast. They are a great tool to stay up to date on the latest ideas, philosophies and gain different perspectives on a host of different topics. In recent times, one of the most popular trends in the recruitment industry has been that of recruitment podcasts. Essentially, leading HR professionals and talent acquisition specialists have taken to churning out insightful content through podcasts. 

In this article, we will cover 10 of the best talent acquisition podcasts that you have to listen to if you want to get ahead of the competition. While some of them may carry some jargon and might seem a little intimidating, once you get into the habit, it gets easier. So, without further delay, let’s get on with the list!

Host: Brad Semotiuk and Andrew Hodd

About: Kicking off the list we have ‘Steal From the Best’, brought to you by our CEO Brad Semotiuk and his co-host Andrew Hodd. In this podcast, the duo help listeners tackle important topics that are aimed at helping you succeed in business and in life. They get into deep conversations with industry titans and pioneers who give their valuable insights. Like the title suggests, the whole premise of this podcast is to ‘steal’ invaluable ideas from the best in class.


#2) 21st Century HR

Host: Lars Schmidt

About: In the 21st Century HR podcast, the host explores how you can build a better business through the use of modern-day people practices and approaches. Each one of the episodes explores a particular topic in regards to progressive practices as well as leaders in the HR field who are pioneering and reshaping it. The ultimate goal of the podcast is apparently to explore what it takes to build people-centric companies.


Podcasts are a great way to listen on the go and still learn something. A useful tool for business oriented people.

Recruitment Podcasts

#3) 40 Minute Mentor

Host: James Mitra

About: As far as recruitment podcasts go, this one is top-tier. It was created to help inform and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is being attempted through the podcast’s series of informal and candid interviews with a diverse collection of industry leaders. The show features a wide range of industry titans, from Tech CEOs to athletes. The whole premise of the podcast is centred around mentorship.


#4) A Better HR Business

Host: Ben Geoghegan

About: This is one of the recruitment podcasts that focuses on how consultant and tech firms in the HR field as a whole, grow their businesses. It also looks at what they do for their employees and tries to bring out the best in them. Again, we have a podcast that highlights the essence and importance of people-centric business practices.


“The greater our knowledge increases, the more our ignorance unfolds. – John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. President

Recruitment Podcasts

Podcasts have opened up a whole new venue for HR executives to share their invaluable insights with the general public. It's like sitting in on an exclusive conversation!

#5) Abrupt Future

Host: Benoit Hardy-Vallee

About: As per what the host mentions about his podcast, he aims to serve the audience by providing high-quality insights that are easy to digest and are also actionable. These insights can range from a wide variety of issues such as the virtual workforce, remote work, the collaboration between online communities, and so on. He explains these things as things we all need to think about, now that most knowledge workers are remote workers. The podcasts excellently highlight the role of digitization in the modern workplace.


#6) Allowed

Host: Dr Caneel Joyce

About: In this recruitment podcast, Dr Joyce brings her audience members practical coaching lessons and insightful conversations that empower the idea of leading with intention. The vision for this show is to push boundaries to become the leader you truly are. The episodes in this podcast cover a range of topics such as self-awareness, purpose, intention, presence in your leadership of yourself, and so on. This makes ‘Allowed’ one of the best recruitment podcasts out there.


“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. – Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

#7) Being at Work

Host: HRD Advisory Group

About: Once again we have another people-centric company that brings you one of the major recruitment podcasts worth hearing. This company aims to help its clients find the right people, give them the tools they need, and support them through the development process. Though there are a variety of topics being covered and many series within this one podcast, the end-goal is the same: Harmony in the workplace.


#8) Big Fish in the Talent Pool

Host: Erin McDermott Peterson

About: This podcast was rated top 10 of Select Software Review’s 100 Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts. In this show, audience members get to listen to former Global Head of Talent Acquisition and RPO General Manager, Erin McDermott Peterson. In the show, she interviews Global Leaders in Talent Acquisition about the joys and challenges of TA Leadership. Topics such as candidate experiences, AI recruitment technologies, advanced employment branding, RPO decisions, partnerships, and even global organizations are covered. The premise of this show is to carry a conversation-over-coffee feeling with its casual nature to help simplify heavy topics.


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