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How to Attract More Applicants to Your Cause

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“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.”Lee Bolman, Author

With the amount of competition a company has to face with recruiting and attracting talent, it’s no secret that many organizations are struggling. Understanding what motivates candidates is a vital step to staying ahead of the competition. 

The pandemic introduced many changes in the way a candidate selects jobs. A change in priorities has fundamentally altered our relationship to work. A good paycheck is no longer the most important factor many candidates are looking for. They are instead placing priority on company values. Many want to know what a business stands for, before applying for a role they are offering.

As the economy recovers, the demand for recruitment has also become more urgent and employers need to act now. Organizations need to learn to communicate effectively and authentically, as well as create a positive employer brand for their business that employees can trust. Let us go through some of the core values and strategies that you can employ to attract more applicants.

Great perks and a positive workplace culture demonstrate that you value your employees and go above and above to ensure a healthy and dynamic environment. ​

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1. Interest

Ensure that you are offering a stimulating, interesting work environment matched with innovative employment policies and procedures. Candidates will also want to know how your company adds value to society.

2. Care

It is imperative to make it clear that you care for your employees as well as your customers. Great benefits and a good workplace culture show that you support your workforce and go above and beyond to make sure you have a healthy and vibrant workplace.

3. Application

Encouraging candidates to contribute to the company beyond their job description and allowing them to try new things is also important. Rewarding their initiatives will greatly motivate and inspire them to come up with better creative ideas.

4. Socialization

Providing space and promoting an atmosphere for teamwork and camaraderie is imperative to have. Cross-department projects, social events, and family days in the company are greatly desirable traits that candidates look for.

5. Economic Value

Economic value does not only refer to salary but also includes the financial state of the business. Candidates are looking for financially stable companies that can offer competitive pay and have benefits that have value.

6. Development Opportunities

Investing in your employees to help them upgrade or learn new skills is a great way to attract candidates. Recognizing their achievements, and providing opportunities for career enhancement and promotions are traits that your organization should have.

“You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless.”Charles de Gaulle, Former President of France

Attracting talent strategy

A system to encourage workplace recognition should be developed so that it keeps employees satisfied and motivates them to be creative.

Strategies to Attract the Best Talent for Your Organization

Making sure that your organization has all six core values implemented is a great strategy, to begin with. Apart from the values you also need to be mindful of finer details that you may overlook like – how you phrase your job description or what types of benefits suit your employees best. Having good strategies takes care of these problems and helps your company grab the best talent before your competition can blink!

1. Have Well Written Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are a vital part of attracting talent and need to efficiently communicate your organization’s requirements. However, Job descriptions with too much information may get confusing or even be overlooked. Stick to a simple format that clearly states what the role requires, salary, benefits, and other information that describes the opportunity you are offering. 

A great tip to keep in mind while writing a job description is to ask your employees to read it and suggest improvements. This way you can ensure that you are speaking the language of the candidate needed for the job vacancy.

2. Have an Efficient Recruitment Process

Attracting talent and recruitment can be time-consuming and expensive for an organization. Hiring a Recruitment Process Outsourcing agency can not only cut downtime but also streamline the recruitment process and make sure you are attracting talent for your job vacancies. An efficient hiring process also encourages candidates to recommend the company to their contacts.

3. Create a Comprehensive Recognition Programme for Employees

Receiving recognition is an underestimated factor in employee job satisfaction and is often one of the reasons a person may consider quitting their job. Peer recognition may happen naturally when the employee works in a team but encouraging it anyway can make the office a better place. Leadership may often forget to acknowledge and praise the work of their team as they may be concentrating only on problems to tackle. 

A system to encourage workplace recognition should be developed so that it keeps employees satisfied and motivates them to be creative. This strategy will help with attracting talent.

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