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High-Volume Recruitment Problems Only RPO Partners Know About

High-Volume Recruitment

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”Jana Kingsford, Author

When it comes to talent acquisition, even the pros of the industry sometimes face hurdles. This is especially true when it comes to high-volume recruitment. Many converging factors feed into this dilemma. For example, as an employer in the modern job market, you would need to build an ideal recruitment strategy that also maintains your employer brand. At the same time, you need to ensure that there is a positive candidate experience throughout! These are a lot of factors to juggle.

Now when you consider the same situation for companies that provide RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) services, these issues become magnified. You may ask: Well, how can that be? These organisations are built for just this purpose. The answer to that is: Yes, they are built for this. However, while they have the tools to execute the task, it doesn’t mean that makes the issue any easier to tackle.

For one thing, it falls to the RPO partner to not only find the right talent but to maintain the employer’s brand. They have to do all this while parallelly ensuring that none of the additional strain falls to the employer themselves. It’s a double-edged sword. Having said that, in today’s blog we will talk about some of the core issues of high-volume recruitment that only an RPO partner knows.

One of the biggest issues that employers face when working with an RPO, is the image that outsourcing brings with it. RPO is not a shady business by any stretch of the imagination, but there are still hesitations about outsourcing your operations to a third party. Rather than farming everything out to a stranger all to save a pretty penny, RPO is something more.

In reality, the RPO solution involves bringing in an expert into your existing recruitment processes and having said expert upgrade them! These upgrades or expertise can be for improving existing recruitment strategies, creating a more streamlined hiring process, or having them help with high-volume recruitment needs.

This is one of the biggest challenges because you not only have to provide such support, but you have to prove to the client that outsourcing to you is not a negative thing. You have to show them that as an RPO you reinforce the best practices when it comes to recruiting.

With high-volume recruitment, you need to be able to balance between quality and quantity.

High-volume recruitment

#2 Balancing Between Brand and Standards

Now, when you consider the branding aspect of the recruitment process and maintaining that, it’s ten times harder on an RPO agency. Think about it, with internal talent acquisition teams can struggle with presenting the right employer brand and company culture when it comes to high-volume recruitment. RPO agencies in this scenario are outsiders who have to learn everything from scratch. You have to learn and understand the client’s brand, needs, and expectations while still adhering to the company culture.

At the same time, you need to make these factors meet in the middle with best practices. A good RPO company will know that it’s not about getting candidates that fill all the right boxes. It’s about getting candidates that fill the needs of the company and fit well within the existing brand and culture. Someone who can meet the growing and future needs of the business. When you’re doing this with high-volume recruitment, you can imagine the struggle it brings trying to maintain quantity and quality.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

#3 Automation Vs Engagement

One of the things that make RPO partners so effective even in the face of all these issues is technology. The RPO process depends on and thrives on in-depth data analysis and research. They use these points to ensure that both employer and employee have a good hiring experience. It boils down to programming, extensive processes, and automation. The keyword here is automation.

Working as an RPO partner, you often have clients that might not know exactly what it is they are looking for. You would then likely recommend tactics or these automation processes to boost their efforts. However, when you consider the high-volume recruitment process, you need more than just automation, you need engagement. You need something that provides a good candidate experience for the individual, which again, can be doubly challenging on a large scale. So, it ends up with RPO partners expertly having to tread the line between automation and engagement- maintaining that balance.

High-volume recruitment

Maintaining a positive candidate experience or even a employer brand is a tall order when you consider high-volume recruitment

#4 Maintaining a Positive Candidate Experience

This last point is a continuation and a convergence of sorts of all the other points mentioned above. When you have high-volume recruitment the ability to maintain a quality candidate experience gets harder. As an RPO agency, you may use automation, AI-chat bots, cold calling, data analysis, and many other industry-leading techniques.

However, it is only with a combination of these factors of technology as well as the human element will you be able to achieve a good candidate experience. Only by staying true to the brand, culture and putting the value on people will you maintain quality. Doing all this on a high-volume recruitment scale is the pinnacle of the hardships that befall RPOs. Yet, an experienced RPO partner will always manage to pull through despite all these factors working against them.

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