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How RPO Service Partners Can Help You Gear up for the Great Rehiring

RPO service partners

“Hiring the best is your most important task.”Steve Jobs, Apple Co-Founder

In every business and every industry, there is bound to be a period that brings with it a huge wave of demand. This high level of demand needs to be met if a company wants to stay in business. However, meeting these demands, especially on short notice can be a difficult task. Keep in mind that this is just one scenario where large-scale rehiring initiatives are important. It also applies if you’re looking to expand your business, refresh your company’s skill base, or several other factors. In today’s article, we won’t be talking about the ‘why’ of it all. Rather, we will be talking about how RPO service partners can help you during the great rehiring.

To start things off, let’s quickly take a look at what an RPO is. An RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service is essentially a staffing service where an employer transfers a part or all of its recruitment needs to a third-party service provider, as the name suggests. Leveraging such services can bring your organization many benefits, which is what we will have a look at next!

Scalability is by far the most obvious point on this list. It is also the end goal of organizations that are looking to grow. Now, scalability is a rather good problem to have- it means business is good. However, you do need ample staff to tackle the rise in business demand if you want the business to keep afloat. This is where RPO service partners come in. 

RPO service partners can help companies meet their hiring deadlines without giving up quality in terms of productivity. The flow of your business would be the best indicator as to when and how you engage with your service provider. Having said that, whether it is filling a few specific niche roles or large-scale general hiring, the RPO is the way to go!

#2 Customizable

If you are looking to hire another 200 employees of a specialized skill set, you need to ask yourself a few important questions. Is your internal talent acquisition team equipped to handle this large-scale initiative? Do they have the market knowledge to understand what is required for a person of this speciality to work effectively? You need to have a fair idea of if the internal recruitment team is capable and if they know what to look for. More often than not, you will have to train them up, invest in technology, and so on. With RPO service partners, you get to customize the hiring process to align with your needs.

The RPO route is a relatively cost-effective one when you think of the big picture.

RPO service partners

#3 Highly Cost-Effective

You may think that services this good might be just that- too good to be true. On the contrary, businesses that have RPO service partners on their side save a lot of money. Things like the hiring lifecycle, time-to-hire, and even the cost-per-hire go down over time. The reason that this is the case is because of the streamlined nature of RPO services.

The recruitment efforts become more targeted, which generates a higher quality of hires, which ultimately drives up the positive impact of the operations. At the same time, it drives down the turnover rate. It should also be noted that RPOs offer employers cost-effective hiring models, for high-volume placements. These models can be tailored to decrease the overall hiring cost of your company.

#4 Latest in Technology

Recruiting methods today are not what they used to be 20 years ago. These days the industry professionals use advanced tools and technology to ensure quality candidates. Examples of such technology can range from highly-integrated applicant tracking systems to AI-based recruiting platforms. While these technologies are available, most organizations don’t have the ongoing volume of job openings to justify having said tech on hand. Hence, these platforms and methods are usually employed by RPO service partners when they offer you their recruitment packages. Fair to say that you will benefit from them.

“The secret to successful hiring is this: look for people who want to change the world. – Marc Benioff, CEO of

RPO service partners

RPO service partners act as extensions of your internal recruitment team.

#5 Good Support

Now we come to the last point on the list. If you are reading this article, chances are you are already considering the move to loop in an RPO service provider. It might also stand to reason that you find your internal recruitment team is stretched pretty thin. Well not to worry, this is one of the main reasons that RPO service partners exist in the first place.

The whole premise of outsourcing your recruitment is to ensure that the internal team has the breathing room to redirect and focus on their work. At the same time, the RPO steps in to take care of the bulk of the work. In essence, RPO partners act as an extension of your company and even your brand. You can have them focus on the niche hires, while the internal talent acquisition team works on the bulk hires, or vice versa. It all depends on your business’s needs.

So, there you have it. These are some of the main ways in which RPOs can help you maximize your efforts during the great rehiring. They carry everything from the latest in recruitment methods to the best tech to execute the said initiative. All you need to do is make sure that the approach suits your current business needs and proceed accordingly.

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