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How to Reorient Your Talent Acquisition Teams for Success

Talent Acquisition Teams

“When things are bad, it’s the best time to reinvent yourself.” – George Lopez, American Comedian

We live in an age of great change. From the rapid change pushed onto us by the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic to the slow gradual change that economies and markets have seen. Another great example of such rapid change would be the sudden need for creating fully remote talent acquisition processes in the past couple of years, the great rehiring and so on. Be it slow or fast, change is upon us and the market landscape has become a very dynamic setting as a result. The businesses that will survive this are the ones that can finetune their business operations to capitalize on market trends. A key part of this is also dependent on talent acquisition teams and their ability to execute said strategy.

This blog is our insight into the matter as an RPO agency. What are these changes that talent acquisition teams need to undergo to help businesses succeed? Why make the changes at all? These are some of the questions that we will explore. Let’s get into it!

When you boil all the problems to describe what talent acquisition teams have been dealing with, it would be ‘reactive’. As we mentioned before the market is a dynamic one and keeps changing. This means that recruiters have to rapidly change their strategy or approach to keep up with the market. While this speaks well of the adaptability factor, it doesn’t work as a long-term solution. It can be exhausting work when your team is just playing catch-up.

Think about it for a second, they are constantly trying to do more with less. Not to mention having to deal with things like candidates dropping off, trying to keep up with the backlog of vacancies and countless other roadblocks. This is why talent acquisition teams need a complete reset when it comes to their hiring strategy. They need something that takes them from reactive to proactive. It should ideally be a strategy that is still adaptive because you have to keep up with the market no matter what. It should be a strategy that puts importance on both client/candidate relationships and technology in equal parts.

Here is our list of the top five things you need to consider when building your hiring strategy for 2022 and giving your team that reset button. Keep in mind that these things have a higher likelihood of success if you have a plan in place to execute them first. You should also note that we cannot see into the future and tell you exactly what will happen. However, it is possible to equip your team with the resources they need so that they can respond and reorient themselves in the face of incoming change.

Keeping the human element consistent in your future recruitment strategies will go a long way.

Talent Acquisition Teams and the Human Touch

#1 Tune in with Market Realities

When it comes to the ideal talent acquisition strategy, companies need to stay on top of the market. What we mean by that is, you need to know where the candidates are, what they expect from you, as well as how it varies from location to location. Data can help you in certain areas regarding this point of action. However, the best course of action would ideally be to partner with an RPO agency to help your talent acquisition teams. An RPO firm can help make sense of the numbers and advise you on how to adjust the strategy going forward.

#2 Maintain the Human Touch in a Digitized World

Technology is great and all, but the whole point of using it in the recruitment game is to widen your reach. Now, if you rely on technology alone, you will miss out on the human element. This might work against you as candidates might feel disconnected from the organization on a human level. Remaking your talent acquisition team strategy by making sure there is a high-touch experience in the recruitment process will go a long way. It builds trust and traction in the job market.

“We can remake the world daily. – Paul Wellstone

#3 Analyze Everything

As we mentioned before, data can be a huge help in this game. What won’t help is having outdated metrics of data. The market is rapidly morphing into something new every day. It doesn’t make sense to have the same old data metrics from 10 years ago and apply them to today’s marketplace. What you need to do to make the life of your talent acquisition teams easier is update those metrics. Update what they are tracking and how often. Think of the metrics like a question and the data as the answer. The more relevant the question, the easier it is to find the answer.

Talent Acquisition Teams and Employer Branding

Employer brand is something that you want to keep a close eye on when updating your talent acquisition strategy.

#4 Update the Playbook for Talent Acquisition Teams

The world is changing, and not just in terms of the market, but in terms of the workplace. Two years ago, before the pandemic, the world was far different from what it is today. Today we have remote and hybrid work models taking over the business landscape. There is more emphasis on diversity, equality, equity and inclusion initiatives during the hiring processes. These need to be taken into consideration when hiring and you should include them in the playbook if you want your talent acquisition teams to win the race for the top talent.

#5 Prioritize the Candidate's Experience

Much like how companies have changed in terms of what they look for, so to have job seekers. Candidates have just as much to expect from companies and what they have to offer these days. While you are evaluating them, they too analyze the company or the hiring manager. Whether they get the job or not, ensuring that candidates have a fluid and smooth recruitment experience, works wonders for your employer brand. This just makes it easier for you to gain the top talent down the road. Having said that, all this is only possible once talent acquisition teams have the right tools in hand.

So, there you have it, these are just some of the ways that you can reinvigorate your hiring strategy and talent acquisition team’s efforts. At the end of the day though, one of the best paths to success is to partner with an RPO agency like Bumsa and get that expert help. RPO providers act as an extension of your company and help you aggressively and accurately tackle the complex market that we are faced with today. Therefore, it is worth considering.

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