Top 7 Signs Your Resume Needs Updating

Resume Updating

“A strategy is necessary because the future is unpredictable.” – Robert Waterman, Author

The job market keeps changing and evolving with time and so should your resume. What was an amazing resume years ago may be the very same reason you are not getting a job. To roll with the punches a smart candidate has to be flexible. They have to be prepared to adapt, this is especially true for a resume.

Apart from updating your job role and other basic information, make sure you have space to customize it. You need to be able to add and remove parts of the resume. this is to make it the most attractive it can be for the company you are applying to.

To Make a good impression and to get the best job offers, updating your resume is a must. Here are a few signs that your resume needs updating:

Even if it’s in a fancy font, it’s not going to do you any favours and might look like you forgot to complete editing a resume template. HR people look at many resumes on any given day. They might overlook yours because it looks incomplete. In some cases, it may become an annoying task as they will have to change the title themselves to make the resume clear.

Hence, we would recommend changing the title of your resume to your name. Changing the file name to include your name is another great way to ensure it doesn’t get lost in the HR’s system. As the saying goes: “The devil is in the details.”

Your resume can be as long as your career and does not have to restricted to one page

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2. It Has Only One Page

A one-page resume may seem like a smart option when you think of the amount of resumes recruiters have to go through while hiring. But the reality is that one-page resumes tend to seem incomplete or maybe you may have stuffed too many details onto that one page. Either way, a one-page resume is not a very good idea.

The longer your career, the longer your resume should be. Don’t be afraid to add pages, it will look better than a one-page cluttered resume. If you want to keep it short, two pages should be sufficient as long as you only include relevant and important information.

“Be real and adjust your strategy according to honest results.” -Charles Caleb Corton, Writer.

3. You Have Included Irrelevant Information Like Age, Height, Marital status

Personal details have no place in your resume. Even if you lack experience or skills, adding personal details is not going to help you get a job. The information in your resume needs to be clear about your career and education. Personal details should not be included. In the case that you are asked to provide these details, you can do so in a separate document that does not contain your resume.

Even adding a photograph of yourself on the resume may seem a bit weird. Some may consider the inclusion of a photo as an attempt to get the job based on your looks. There are exceptions to this for people who work in the fields of TV, modeling, entertainment, etc. Having said that, if a photo is needed, the company will ask you to send one separately. Remember, the resume is a summary of your professional track record, keep it within those parameters.

Social media trends and creativity

Including your social media profiles can show that you are tech-savvy

4. Your Resume Does Not Have Any Social Media Contact Details

Apart from your phone number and email address, it is always a good move to show how tech-savvy you can be by including your social media profiles. Ensure that there is no content on these profiles that might compromise your job opportunity. Having the details of your LinkedIn profile and other professional networking sites should efficiently show that you are tech-savvy. 

Not only that, but it also speaks to your professional network, which can have its advantages. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are optional, only include them if they add to your portfolio as a professional.

5. You Have Included All Your Previous Jobs

What we mean by this is, that you don’t need to add every single job that doesn’t have anything to do with the job you are applying for. Having more experience than other candidates is no longer a factor that guarantees a job. Although more experience is requested, recruiters are also searching for top talent that can contribute to the company significantly. 

Adding jobs that are not relevant to your current profile does not help add to your years of experience. Even if you have worked for only one company in your role, adding other jobs will mean nothing to the recruiters. If you feel the jobs still need to be added then you can add them to a sub-section titled “various jobs” and only list the titles of those jobs.

6. You Include References and Their Details in the Resume

A reputable company will definitely ask for references, but this does not mean that you should include them in your resume. It generally might be a waste of space and although it establishes you as a trustworthy candidate, it can also look like you’re using this information to make your resume look full.

Companies usually only check references at the very end of the hiring process. If you do want to show that you have many references, write up another document with their details and how you know each other. This way you can have a nifty document ready whenever an organization asks for it.

7. You Think Your Resume is Complete and Can Remain That Way Forever

What you need to keep in mind is that a resume is a live document that needs to be fine-tuned, tweaked, and calibrated every once in a while. It is very important to be mindful of what recruiters are looking for and be able to customize your resume in a way that will make it stand out from the others. Make a habit of reviewing your resume monthly and updating it if you have acquired any new skills or have a change in the job title.

Disclaimer: This information has been compiled to suit the requirements of a resume required for jobs in Canada. This information is time-bound and might change as per the requirements of a hiring company. Please contact the HR or recruiter of the company you are applying for to get a more accurate description of what you need to include in your resume.

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