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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign as a Recruiter

Email Marketing campaign

“To succeed, work hard, never give up and above all, cherish a magnificent obsession.” – Walt Disney

Email marketing is becoming increasingly popular for growing businesses because it is a low-cost, but highly effective digital comms tool. For recruiters, it’s a great way to engage with candidates on a personal level and can also be useful in opening doors to new opportunities.

Not every email is acted upon, read, or even looked at. This happens because there may be no compelling or attractive reason for the person to interact with the email. The key component of email marketing is being able to make the candidate interact with the email and ultimately place their career search in the hands of recruitment professionals.

Instead of sending hundreds of emails with bland content to prospective candidates in the hope that at least a few of them may be interested, companies need to focus on making content that will capture the interest of candidates.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get candidates to engage with your emails. Let us take a look at some of the best ways to boost email marketing campaigns.

A clear call to action can make the job details obvious and eliminate any ambiguity about the end goal.

Email marketing call to action

If the candidate is not interested in the first line, they might not even open the email let alone read and interact with it. The best course of action is to get straight to the point in the subject line itself. Use verbs to encourage the candidate to take action. If possible, ask a question to pique interest. And sometimes having the theme of urgency also helps – for example: “You won’t believe how cool is this job opportunity!”

2. Have a Clear Objective for What the Recipient Needs To Do

Once the candidate has clicked on the email, what should a recruiter do next to retain attention? The answer is pretty simple and easy to do!

A recruiter has to split up the valuable information over a series of emails to retain the attention of candidates. This not only gets people to want to check their emails more but also gives recruiters multiple opportunities to say what they want without coming across as too aggressive.

A short 10-word headline is a great way to start. A focused call to action can make the job details clear and there won’t be any confusion over what the end goal is. Avoid using jargon-heavy language and keep your sentences short and crisp. Make sure the text size is appropriate to read on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. All these factors add up to a more clear picture of what the recipient needs to do.

“Without hard work and discipline it is difficult to be a top professional.”
– Jahangir Khan, Former Professional Squash Player

Email marketing phone

An email that isn't confusing and clumsy with a sea of clashing colours is more likely to engage the candidate.

3. Do a Squint Test to Make Sure Everything Is Visually Correct and Engaging

Have you ever heard of the squint test? It’s just the way it sounds, all you have to do is take a step back and squint to check if the content of the email looks good. If all the important elements are sized nicely, well-spaced out, and still able to stand out, then you know you have done a great job with it.

The candidate is more likely to interact with an email that’s not confusing and clunky with a sea of clashing colours. A simple format is always the best and most effective way forward.

4. Pay Attention to What Comes after the Call to Action

The content that sits below the call to action is very important because it will direct the reader to what they should be clicking on if they want to access more detail. If you still aren’t sure what to include in the content, then maybe you can think about adding reviews and testimonials to invoke a sense of trust. Or you could also add reference-related products and articles related to the job that will be helpful for the candidate.

5. Personalize It for the Candidate You Have in Mind

It is very important to personalize the email to make it as engaging as possible. The easiest way to do this is by plugging in an intuitive marketing automation platform that is built to enable users to send individualized emails to segmented groups. It’s not just about using the candidate’s name. Even the content needs to be tailored to what they would be most interested in.

6. Conduct A/B Testing for the Email before Pushing It to the Main Campaign

A/B testing is the process of sending one variation of your campaign to a subset of people subscribed and a different variation to another subset. The goal of this test is to work out which variation of the campaign gets the best results. This is a great way to also check how attractive your content is and if you need to pay more attention to its development

Subject lines, length of the content, word order, and the overall content can be checked through this testing method. The winning email marketing campaign can be sent to the rest of your subscribers. This is a great way to save both time and money when it comes to crafting your ideal email marketing campaign!

7. Hire Professionals to Ensure You Have the best Email Marketing Campaign

Looking at the option of hiring professionals is a great way to make sure that your email marketing campaign yields the best results. Pure Staffing Solutions offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions as well as email marketing services. With these services, you can boost your company’s reach and growth. Visit for more information.

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