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Job Hunt Insights: What Candidates are Looking For During the Job Search

Candidate stressed about Job Hunt

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet

Every candidate is looking for something specific but at the end of the day, they go about their job hunt with one goal – a way to earn money! Recruiters really need to keep this in mind when looking for people to fill vacancies in an organization.

But often, you do come across candidates who may be looking for more than just an alluring pay scale. That is when the job of a recruiter gets more complicated. Understanding what a candidate wants from the job is just as important as the company’s requirements.

While acknowledging that the most essential aspect of a job is the pay, recruiters need to also consider other factors. Especially the fact that candidates are now spoilt for choice. With the amount of competition on the market, you can expect multiple jobs to be chasing a single candidate.

To better understand what candidates are looking for, let us take a look at some key factors to consider:

Information about what the role entails and what is expected of a candidate is important and needs to be communicated clearly. Candidates will want to know their role in the company to better understand how their performance will be measured.

An organization should make its job description and details as clear as possible. This way recruiters will find it easier to communicate with the candidate, leading to a successful outcome. Parallelly candidates will also have a positive job hunt experience, which adds to your employer brand.

An efficient hiring process will make it easier for top talent to join the company.

Efficient Hiring process during job hunt

An Intuitive, Efficient Hiring Process

People on a job hunt are looking at many options and want to be able to opt for a position that highlights their strengths. If the application process is long, daunting, and requires the candidates to fill in lots of details about themselves and their prior experiences – they will drop out rather than complete the process.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

Room for Growth, both Personal and Within the Organization

Applicants apply to new jobs with the hope that they will get the opportunity to grow. While this could mean they want an opportunity to change roles, it could also mean that they want a more senior position in their role.

Although candidates may come with a complete skill set for the role available, they may also want to be challenged and learn new things. No one likes to be stagnant for long. For an organization to grow, it needs to have the ability to present an opportunity for its employees to grow.

Happy candidates after receiving praise after job hunt

Praise and validation can go a long way to keep candidates motivated and dedicated towards their work and the company.

To be Valued and Have Importance in Their Role

A good candidate does not require supervision. They need to feel that they are being valued. It is an important factor to keep employees in top shape to work. Praise and validation can go a long way to keep everyone motivated and dedicated towards their work.

Making sure the candidate knows that their contribution to the company is a significant one is a great way to give them validation. Hearing out their ideas and empowering them to act upon initiatives that are beneficial to the company can help make them feel valued.

Stability within the Company

While growth and versatility are great for individual growth, they can also become overwhelming and stressful. If an organization does not have a definite goal toward which it works, it can become chaotic and unstable.

Many candidates on their job hunt are scared to apply to new companies for this very reason. A strong sense of stability is required to keep everyone grounded and is imperative to encourage new ideas and creativity.

Good Communication with the Management and the Team

Communication is key to all aspects of a good company. Candidates will be looking for opportunities in which they have open lines of communication with the required people. 

Candidates on their job hunt, especially at the interviewing stage, will greatly appreciate and recommend a company that keeps them promptly informed. Even if the candidate has not been selected, it is a good and respectable practice to inform them of the company’s decision.

Clear Presentation of Salary and Benefits Offered

While inviting the candidate to join the company, it is a good practice to make them aware of the salary or compensation package they will be receiving for their position, through a well-crafted job description. This not only builds trust and understanding but also promotes better communication between the candidate and the company. 

This can also ensure that there is no misunderstanding which may lead to the candidate quitting immediately after getting hired for the job. As a result, your overall turn-over will go down. Not to worry though, Bumsa Talent Solutions can help you with this as well.

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