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RPO Industry: Top 9 Facts You Need To Know

RPO industry facts

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.” – Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

Looking for expert support with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider brings many benefits to a growing business. Businesses can outsource the task and responsibility of recruitment through an RPO solution. The RPO industry helps alleviate the burden of searching for high-quality candidates for a complex workforce. Here are 9 facts you need to know about the Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry:

1. Brand Representation Is a Top Priority in the RPO Industry

Your employment brand will be placed up front. While recruiting it is essential to make sure that your employment brand is presented well to all candidates that come your way. An RPO will make sure to understand the organization’s values so that they can convey a clear picture of your value proposition during the recruitment process.

2. You Get a Wide Range of Services

There are two categories that an RPO is classified into: Enterprise RPO and Segmented RPO. Enterprise RPO is a complete service solution where the RPO partner takes on all recruitment responsibilities for the organization. Segmented RPO splits the recruitment process between the company and the RPO partner.

3. Top Talent is Always a Priority

Organizations sometimes lack the expertise to recruit the best candidates for an open position, that’s where the RPO industry comes into play. Recruiters need to understand that the competition for top talent is fierce and an RPO service can help set you apart by getting the perfect candidate for the required role.

Critical analysis is a tool used by RPO providers to help companies decide the best course of action.

RPO industry critical analysis

4. The RPO Industry Stays on Top of the Talent Market

RPOs keep track of the talent market scenarios and industry trends because the hiring process goes beyond exploring local geographies. An average Human Resources (HR) professional will find it difficult to match a candidate to the opportunity due to their lack of understanding of these trends. An RPO can fill the gaps that often get overlooked by the HR department.

5. Flexibility Is a Core Principle

The RPO industry provides flexibility that can relieve a business and allow you to focus on growth, assuring you the talent needed for success. Quick growth is a goal for many but it can become an issue when there is a demand for talent.

“Flexibility is the key to stability.” – John Wooden, American Basketball Coach

6. RPO Providers Help with Cost Reduction

One of the top reasons a business may look to top RPO companies to resolve their recruitment problems is because it reduces the cost of recruitment. Many companies spend a huge portion of their budget on hiring when they need to expand and grow. An RPO provider can reduce this cost by streamlining your recruitment process. They do this by showing you better ways to recruit the best talent with lesser money spent on the process.

7. RPO Industry and Critical Analysis Go Hand-in-Hand

In the area of critical analysis, an RPO provider can help a company decide the best course of action. An example of such a service is how to choose between permanent and temporary staff and estimate how long it will take to fill the position.

RPO industry insights

RPO industries are in a unique position to give businesses unique insights into the talent market.

8. Businesses Get Improved Recruitment Process Quality

Top recruitment outsourcing companies know that a great recruit is much more than a combination of experience and education. Personality, previous accomplishments, and many other factors play an important role in finding a suitable candidate for the open position. Hiring managers often miss out on covering these qualities due to a high volume of candidates to go through and time constraints. An RPO provider can look into these qualities while still looking for candidates.

9. Bonus Benefits of RPO Services

When companies employ RPO services they can access real-time recruiting dashboards, have an insight into the talent market, and pinpoint issues with supply and demand of the market. In this way, an RPO provider helps organizations with much more than just reducing the cost of finding suitable candidates.

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